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Lists like this serve little more than to generate controversy, and I will be no different in saying this list is a disaster.

1) NBA 2K11 not on top? In what universe? Maybe it’s because I’m a Fat, Stupid American™ and don’t “get” the Power of FIFA (which is bullshit), but NBA 2K11 is still selling strong, despite the fact that the NBA season is over and the league is heading into a lockout. Plus, it’s just a better game. There were issues online, but the game was highly ambitious on that front, and if we want to talk about online issues, let’s talk about FIFA, whose issues never really were fixed. FIFA is also still a highly flawed game of football, where there are no real flaws in how NBA 2K11 plays. FIFA is only a “better” game if you’re looking at worldwide sales.

2) Hell, I’d put FIFA - a game I like - well down that list, below NHL ‘11 (related: “scoring is a chore” - Waah! Work the puck around, stop relying on the one-timer, and run an offence! This isn’t NHL ‘94 anymore) and The Show.

3) Fight Night is realistic? Say what!?

4) Of COURSE NCAA ‘12 is better than Madden ‘11.  It’s the next version. Wait until Madden ‘12 comes out before making that judgement.

5) This one pisses me off the most: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 was rated 10th, and cited by Kat Bailey as enduring a near fan revolt. I will agree that the things Kat brought up as problems - A.I., online play and passing - are problems for a lot of people. However, I have to wonder if that’s really a problem. FIFA’s gameplay is still pretty easy to figure out; ping-pong passing is still a problem, and the game is still remarkably physical, and the passing “problem” of PES ‘11 isn’t really a problem, especially when you take aerial play into the equation. I will agree that FIFA is an overall better package (EA’s method of security licenses - throw money at it - cannot be ignored), but anyone who says this is a bad game of football doesn’t know football, period. It’s certainly better than UFC 2010.

I refuse to believe that Tiger ‘12 is a better game than Madden ‘11 or any other non-NBA Elite game on this list, because Tiger ‘12 is not a better game than even Tiger ‘06.

7) This was addressed, but if Smackdown vs. Raw is a wrestling “sim”, then I don’t know wrestling anymore.

8) Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 is a hunting sim!? Dude, I played that game. There’s nothing “sim” about it.